Face it marketing your business is not easy.
Bizarre Marketing Masters Academy gives you all the resources you need to take the guesswork out of growing your business with the latest marketing strategies, techniques, and tools you will need TO GENERATE MORE LEADS AND SALES.   
A digital warehouse of sorts, packed with training materials and the best marketing resources that every business needs. All in one place.
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EVERY MONTH a NEW COURSE will be added.
Running a business takes many hats and can be overwhelming without question. Trust me after 28 years of running my own business I know there is very little time to search and sort through all the latest up and coming marketing platforms, techniques and tools. They cannot be ignored and must be implemented to keep your business growing and relevant.

That’s why I created Bizarre Marketing Masters Academy to take all the guesswork out it for you. As a member, you will find all the best marketing strategies, techniques and tools in one easy to navigate place. These are the tools that my team and I are using to grow all of my businesses.

No longer will you have to "Google" how to dominate a platform like Instagram and have to sift through video after video and article after article to find one that you can understand and start implementing right away.

Bizarre Marketing Masters Academy is a digital warehouse of sorts, packed with training materials and the best marketing resources that every business needs. All in one place.
GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the entire digital warehouse.
Training Guide and 20 Training Videos
Proven Facebook ad techniques that will boost your businesses sales.
Training Guide and 20 Training Videos
The latest video marketing strategies to skyrocket your leads and sales.
Training Guide and 20 Training Videos
Dominating this visual platform will drive leads to your website.
Training Guide and 20 Training Videos
Email is still one of the most powerful marketing methods.
Training Guide and 20 Training Videos
Boost sales and generate leads with these LinedIn Marketing strategies.
Training Guide and 20 Training Videos
You customers are on Facebook, learn to leverage this platform to drive sales.
Become part of an elite group of entrepreneurs that are leveraging the amazing content within Bizarre Marketing Master Academy and take your business to the heights you have been dreaming of.

When you join Bizarre Marketing Master Academy you will get INSTANT ACCESS to my entire digital warehouse. Courses complete with short and easy to digest training videos, downloadable training guides, eBooks, worksheets and checklists along with tips and techniques that I am using to grow my businesses.
EVERY MONTH month a NEW COURSE will be added.
In addition to all of the courses you will get these amazing membership benefits: 
How To Mini Workshops
An over the shoulder training covering a specific platform, new strategy or technique that will be recorded and added to the Bizarre Marketing Master Academy warehouse.

Breaking Marketing News Facebook Live Videos

Marketing is always changing, and I will keep you up to date on any hot techniques that need to be implemented into your marketing mix right away to keep you one or maybe even two steps ahead of your competition.

Access To The Bizarre Marketing Master Academy Facebook Group
Where you can interact with other Bizarre Marketers along with me and my team. 

I know what you are thinking…this is going to be expensive.

At $27 per month you can’t be thinking that at all.

There is no long-term commitment, you can cancel at any time.

Heck if you don’t agree the content is amazing I will give you a full refund after your first 30 days with no questions asked.

So hit the “Buy Now” button right now and get stared.

To Your Success!

Tim Somers – Bizarre Marketing
No questions asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee.
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